CDP-99M // CDP-133M

The generation of the CDP-66M and CDP-99M capacitor discharge machines has advanced features such as digital positioning measurement system (stud-overlap, lifting dimension, depth of immersion and piston-speed) as well as mechanical process monitoring for monitoring and recording of all mechanical parameters. In addition, current and welding time can be recorded, displayed and monitored after tolerance. Library functions for permanently stored or variably stored welding parameters or optional multi-point operation are only a few features of the comfort control. The operator structure of the CDP-M-series correlate to our inverter family DAI and the DA800M. The electronically controlled inverter charging unit provides the fastest possible charging times, guaranteeing extremely high welding cycles with a low leakage line and a low weight. The power units can be operated with all contact and gap guns, the CDP - 99M in addition with our automatic welding heads and automatic welding guns. 


The inverter DAI-1300 is an extremely compact and lightweight high performance tool for stud-welding process drawn arc and short-cycle. Through its strong performance and its extremely stable arc, the machine ensures high process reliability in all welding applications. Easy to use with a multi-functional four-inch display screen and different saving of special user-defined welding programs allows the inverter for maximum operator comfort. The inverter is especially designed in mobile use on construction sites with easy handling and high reliability.

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