The advantages of the clinching technology are the special to durability and the high torsional strength regarding the transmission of clamping-torques and torques-moments in the connection. The vast diversity of technical execution of the clinching-elements, the economy and precision of the process, make a very broad spectrum in the development of complex sheet metal designs.


Wherever no thermal or other joining process is approved, will the clinching-technology their application.


The industrial sectors include mechanical engineering, apparatus contruction, switch  cabinet contruction, automotive industry, and, for example, the lightweight-constructions in the air- and space technology.


Our delivery program includes: metrics clinching studs, clinching nuts (finishing open and closed).


Special parts and special sizes can also be manufactured on request.



General Information and assembly process

Required for high torsion resistance during the transmission of twist torques in thin-walled metal sheets are special press-in fastening elements with heavy-duty threads.   


These can be fitted rigidly and form-locking in that the elements are pressed into a flowable base material by cold forming. In this process, the base material is displaced during the pressing in operation – cold flow begins. The excess material flows and finally deposits on the shank of the press-in element.   


A special form in the upper area and/or a tooth on the press-in element prevents any twisting within the connection.     

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