Our innovation in the capacitor discharge welding technology:


Our drawn arc stud welding machines are equipped with the
latest microprocessor technology and very high effective
power units. Our primary switched welding inverters DAI allow
even the most complex welding task solved reliably up to a
welding diameter of 25 mm.
Process control, digital position measuring system and the
modular extension or the so-called “multi-switch technology”
increase the process reliability, flexibility and application
Particularly with regard to process and lead times our pioneering
technologies ensure the user advances to the competitors.
The DAI-1300 is the compact base unit; the inverter classes
DAI-2300 and DAI-3300 also prove themselves by their robust
design. The sophisticated cooling concept in the diameter
ranges up to 22 mm and 25 mm guarantee high duty cycles
and high reproducibility of the welding results.
In the compact class the unregulated DA-800M, successor of
proven DA-800, now is available with a generous 4-inch display
and even better comfort controls.
It is one of the most powerful compact devices in its class and
has been designed particularly user-friendly as an entry-level
unit in the drawn-arc stud-welding-technology.


Our innovation in drawn-arc and short-cycle stud welding:


All of our drawn arc stud welding units employ the latest microprocessor technology with most powerful and high-performed power-transformers. Our latest innovation is a lightweight, primary switched welding inverter with a clock frequency of more than 200 kHz, with even the most complex welding application can be solved in process safety until welding diameter 13 mm. Pioneering technologies secure the user, especially in the plant construction site or operation with automated application, unique competitive advantages. Our classics, the power units DA-800, DA-1500, DA-2100 and DA-2600, distinguish themselves via their proven construction with corresponding power reserves and advanced power electronics. The DA-800 is, despite its compact dimensions, one of the most powerful devices in its class and has been specially designed as a low-priced entry level device with operator convenience for the user. Again, the approved one-button operation with large graphic display and conversational user guidance with bargraph adjustment from the CDP series is an integrated part of this control-unit type. The DA-1500 stud welding unit sets standards with the innovative medium-frequency technology. The advantages of the high dynamics of the inverter technology can therefore be combined with the solidity of conventional transformer technology using our patented 12-pulse circuit - and of course in the fully automatic operation. With the powerful and rough heavy proven thyristor-controlled constant current devices DA-2100 and DA-2600, we round off our equipment range. These power units have enough additional power reserves to be able to compensate voltage fluctuations and long extensions of welding – and/or power-cables, while a high process reliability is guaranteed.


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