multipoint technique

The Switch-DA-4 is an additional device for the multi point technology for drawn-arc - and short cycle welding / capacitor discharge welding and is designed for using of up to four stud welding guns in combination with only one control unit DAI-1300 or control units of CDP-M-series. Due to this multi-point technology welding elements of different dimensions and is related to a component (product) can be welded without time-consuming changeover from one to the other diameter or length efficiently. In "In-several passages welding", is not required; therefore the productivity is increased noticeably.The multipoint-technology is available for the operation of up to four stud welding guns with only one power unit. The Switch-DA 4 combines with either the Inverter DAI-2300 or Inverter DAI-3300 four welding guns of the type DA-19M, DA-22M and / or DA-25M. The Switch-4 combines the GAP-M, DA-10M, DA-12M, DA-19M and / or ATP-8M welding guns with the Inverter DAI-1300 in both drawn-arc and short-cycle application, as well as in capacitor discharge with the power units CDP-66M, CDP-99M and CDP-133M welding guns type GAP-M, CONTACT-M and / or ATP-8M / ATP-8K.
data sheet Switch-DA-4
As an integrated solution is the multipoint technology for drawn-arc and short-cycle application at the DAI-1300S and DAI-2300S available, in which this technology with power unit is already fully integrated in the device.
data sheet control-unit-DAI-1300S_2300S
This technique allows efficient welding of up to four welding elements with different dimensions without time-consuming retooling. The productivity can be significantly increased. The standard version allows connection and operation of up to four guns in any combination or order. In der Standardausführung sind Anschluss und Bedienung von bis zu vier Pistolen in beliebiger Kombination bzw. Reihenfolge möglich.
For drawn-arc and shot-cycle application, each gun output is generally equipped with a gas module. Optionally, the combination of ATP-8-automatic guns with manual welding guns in any order and the connection of max. four fully automatic stud feeder system BZ-V01 possible.
The detection of the respective gun takes place either by START triggering on the gun or by contact detection on the workpiece, which leads to immediate switching to the respective program slot on the power unit. The optional extension of one process monitoring system for each gun separately and for both stud welding processes complete this technology.
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