press-in elements

Advantages and intended use of press-fit technology

The advantages of the press-in connection technology lie in the particular durability and high torsional strength when transmitting tightening and torque in the connection. The diversity in the technical design of press-in elements as well as the economy and precision of the press-in process enable a very wide range of developments in the design of complex sheet metal constructions.
Press-fit technology is used wherever no thermal or other joining processes are permitted. These branches of industry include mechanical and apparatus engineering, electronics (e.g. switch cabinet construction), the automotive industry or, for example, lightweight construction in aerospace engineering.
Special durability
High torsional strength

Basics and assembly process of press-fit technology

Special press-fit fasteners with heavy-duty threads are required to achieve a high level of torsional safety in the transmission of torsional and tightening torques in thin-walled sheets. These can be assembled in a force-fit and form-fit manner by pressing the elements into a flowable base material by means of cold forming. In this process, the base material is displaced during press-fitting - cold flow begins. The excess material flows and eventually wraps around the shank of the press-fit element. A special shape in the head area and / or serration on the press-fit element finally prevents twisting within the joint.
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