automatic devices

The stud welding devices with CDP-99M, CDP-133M and DAI-1300, DAI-2300, DAI-3300 optionally with automatic module

The current generation of the CDP-99M and CDP-133M capacitor discharge devices has state-of-the-art features and can also be equipped with our automatic welding heads and automatic welding guns: Digital distance measurement and digital process control with monitoring of the welding current and the energy content and many other library functions. This innovative device series represents the latest state of the art with the most modern microprocessor control, one-button operation, powerful inverter charging parts and a large 4-inch graphic display.
Optional equipment with automatic welding heads possible
Optional equipment with automatic welding guns possible
Can be equipped with all contact and splitting pistols
And the performance units DAI-1300, DAI-2300 and DAI-3300 are optionally available with an automatic module. Feel free to ask us about this.
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