stud welding guns

New design upgrade with electronic and mechanical monitoring

We stock a wide range of manual welding guns for easy use in small, flexible, low-volume fabrications.

Thanks to our extensive range of accessories, we have the right one for every application. For edging, in templates, overhead or user-specific special solutions.

All welding-guns are optionally available with integrated position measuring system

Process reliability can be increased by recording the bolt path by measuring and recording the bolt overhang, lift dimension, immersion dimension and speed in conjunction with electrical process control.

The advantages are quite obvious:
ergonomic shape Due to the ergonomic shape of the guns they are very good in the hand andthus ensuring fatigue-free working. The gun body is made of durable plastic, also for robust using.
constant-lift We know our users and therefore we trysimple as possible to make. For this reason, in most gunsthere is no lift-adjustment necessary - we have a constant-lift for allcommon applications.
length measuring system By using the length measuring system all parameterswill now be read and monitored on the display of control units. This also provides reproducibleresults, independent of the operator.
lossless weldings The large cable cross-sections also provide in continuous operation for lossless weldings.
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