DIN standards

Detailed technical information can be found in the following standards and regulations, or in the DVS data sheets:


  • DIN EN ISO 14555:2017 Arc stud welding of metallic materials
  • DIN EN ISO 13918:2018 Studs and ceramic rings for arc stud welding
  • DIN EN ISO 14732:2013 Welding personnel, testing of operators of welding equipment
  • DIN EN ISO 17662:2016 Welding – Calibration, verification and validation of equipment including supplementary activities used in welding
  • DIN EN 1090 – 1:2012 Execution of steel structures and aluminum structures
  • DIN EN 1999-1:2014 Eurocode 9: Design and construction of aluminum structures
  • Leaflet DVS 0901:2019 Stud welding processes for metals, overview
  • Leaflet DVS 0902:2019 Arc stud welding with drawn arc
  • Data sheet DVS 0903:2019 Capacitor discharge stud welding
  • Data sheet DVS 0904:2019 Practical information – Arc stud welding
  • Data sheet DVS 0967:2010 Calculation of stud welded joints
  • Data sheet DVS 0968:2008 Performance specifications for stud welding devices
  • Z-30.3-6 (04/2014) General technical approval for fasteners made of stainless steel



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