CDP-133M stud welder

CDP-133M stud welder

Digital distance measurement (lift, immersion, stud overhang, speed) and digital process monitoring (also of the welding current and the energy content) and many other library functions for permanently stored or variably saved welding parameters, including optional multi-point operation.
Kapazität 133.000 µF mit Kapazitätsumschaltung // Ladespannung 45 V-200 V // 1-3 Inverterladeteile // Wegmesssystem* // Anschlusswerte 115 V / 230 V 50 / 60 Hz, 16 A // 475 x 335 x 325 mm (L x B x H) // Gewicht 16-18 kg
Blechbearbeitung, Isolation, Schaltschrankbau, Küchenbau, Haushaltsgeräte, HiFi- und Computertechnik uvm. // zinkbeschichtete Bleche und Al // Geeignet für Automation Durchmesserbereiche: Stahl/VA Bolzen M3-M10 // zinkbeschichtete Bleche ≤ 20 µm // M8 Alu bis max. Bolzen M6
Anschliessbare PISTOLEN: CONTACT, GAP, ATP-8 / mit Wegmesssystem: CONTACT-M, GAP-M, ATP-8M*2 // Anschließbare AUTOMATIKSCHWEISSKÖPFE: KAH-100D*3, Rapidor QF*3

* Optional: Digital process control and multi-point technology
(a Switch-4 is included with each device)
*2 Automatic module required
*3 CNC module required

Technische Merkmale

  • Electronically clocked inverter charging parts enable very short charging cycles with a high welding rate: this means that very high cycle rates are possible;
  • Monitoring and quick regulation of all parameters and functions in the welding circuit by high-performance microprocessor;
  • Capacitor capacity monitoring;
  • Digital position measuring system makes this possible even without optional process monitoring and recording
    easy adjustment of bolt overhang and lift;
  • If the preset minimum values for bolt protrusion, lift and melt-off are not reached
    (immersion) automatic information by color coding of the respective parameter even without
    Activation of the full process monitoring;
  • Soft start function for gentle charging of the capacitors after a long standstill;
  • STOP function for all error messages (device-internal or process-related), ie automatic
    interruption of welding operation;
  • State-of-the-art HMI: Simple dialog operator guidance through menu structure and one-button operation as well as display of all parameters relevant to the operator on a large four-inch graphic display;
  • Library function: Stored standard welding programs and additional variable, user-defined welding programs can be saved;
  • Numerous special functions for complex welding tasks;
  • Low weight and compact design
  • Low power consumption with very high efficiency: High energy efficiency and therefore better environmental compatibility;
  • Thermostatically controlled fan.


  • Intelligent multi-point technology, ie operation of up to four hands – and/or
    Automatic welding guns possible in connection with distribution box “Switchbox DA-4”;
  • In multi-point operation, automatic recognition of the respective welding gun through contact notification
    and automatic switching to the respective setting menu on the inverter (parameter
    user-defined storable);
  • Simultaneous operation of up to four automatic welding heads in connection with our CNC technology
  • Process monitoring: Recording and evaluation of all mechanical welding parameters:
    Recording of the bolt path (bolt protrusion, lift, melt and speed),
    Comparison of the recorded parameters with the parameters of reference welds;
    In addition: measurement and recording of welding current and welding time for each weld;
    Interruption of the welding process and error display using clear warning symbols
  • USB interface for transferring the process data to an external PC.


Mit der M-Serie der Bolzenschweißgeräte und den passenden Bolzenschweißpistolen haben wir neue Maßstäbe gesetzt. Wir beraten Sie gerne, welches Gerät Ihre Ansprüche erfüllt und zu Ihrem Einsatz perfekt passt.
Im Automatikbereich sind wir seit mehr als 10 Jahren unangetastet die Nr.1 mit dem patentierten Automatikschweißkopf RAPIDOR QF. Der digitale Automatikschweißkopf RAPIDOR QF ist für das halb- und vollautomatische Bolzenschweißen von Schweißgewindebolzen, Buchsen und Stiften konzipiert und unverzichtbar beim Schweißen von verschiedenen Bolzenlängen.
GAP-M stud welding gun
Stud welding gun CONTACT-M
Automatic welding head RAPIDOR QF
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