KAH-100D automatic welding head

KAH-100D automatic welding head

The digital automatic welding head KAH-100 D is designed for the semi- and fully automatic stud welding of welded threaded studs as well as sockets and pins using the following processes:
- Capacitor discharge / peak ignition acc. No. 786 n. ISO 4063:2008
- Short-term drawn arc and drawn arc acc. No. 783 and 784 after ISO 4063:2008


  • Flexible application options for mono applications on a stationary table welding device or in rough everyday use on fully automatic CNC coordinate tables, robots or others
    handling systems;
  • Robust and durable, making it ideal for rough everyday use;
  • Low-wear: The encapsulated ball guide unit outside the welding area guarantees
    high durability and reliability;
  • Easiest operation with regard to very precise setting of lift and immersion dimensions using digital
    multi-segment display.

Digitales Bolzenlängenmesssystem

  • Effective reduction of defectively welded end products, resulting in a clearly measurable increase
    of productivity;
  • Digital monitoring of the entire stud length for all stud welding processes for standard welding elements;
  • Ignition tip length monitoring and control;
  • Very simple and clearly visible setting of the tolerance positions before and after welding
    in 0.1mm increments using a single reference welding element;
  • Reliable detection of NOK welds with plain text display on the higher-level controller (CNC)
    with simultaneous program stop
KAH-100 D am Roboter
KAH-100D on the robot
KAH-100D to robot
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