Female Threaded Pin – IS

Female Threaded Pin - IS

Short cycle stud welding - with female pin type - IS. In our own production, we produce short-cycle bolts according to customer requirements for the automotive supply industry and switch cabinet construction, which meet the high requirements of all common regulations and standards. The dimensions are in the table below.
We - Stud Welding Technology bsk + BTV GmbH - can also supply you with threaded bolts, pins, internally threaded sockets and grounding flat plugs from our extensive warehouse at short notice and are also happy to manufacture special bolts according to your special requirements in high quality.


We have set new standards with the M series of stud welding devices and the matching stud welding guns. We would be happy to advise you on which device meets your requirements and is the perfect fit for your application. For more than 10 years we have been the untouched number 1 in the automatic area with the patented automatic welding head RAPIDOR QF. The digital automatic welding head RAPIDOR QF is designed for the semi- and fully automatic stud welding of welded threaded studs, bushings and pins and is indispensable when welding studs of different lengths.
DA-10M stud welding gun
Stud welder DAI-1300
Automatic welding head RAPIDOR QF
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